Monday, May 31, 2010

JRules, using Java BOM to pass an input parameter

Having done the tutorial on how to write a Business Rule with Java BOM, once I deploy and try to get the WSDL the RES (Rule Execution Server) tells me:

This ruleset cannot be parsed. It uses a Java XOM, which is not supported by the hosted transparent decision service., error code: XU-WS10010

Yet, the "New Rule Project" gives you a template "Rule Project with a BOM" and it says:

This template creates a rule project using the following standard options :
Java XOM settings. Path on java folders, jars or projects.
Dynamic XOM settings. Path on XML schemas or dynamic XOM files.
Rule project references. Optional rule project dependencies.
In addition, BOM entries and verbalization are automatically created for each XOM specified.
The generated project enables you to edit rules and execute them.

Note: A XOM is a "Execution Object Model".

If you wonder what a "transparent" decision service is, you might have a read here, basically "transparent" means "exposed through WS":

"A hosted transparent decision service: this is essentially a ruleset deployed as a Web service. It is installed on the same application server as Rule Execution Server, then integrated with Rule Execution Server." It's also nicknamed htds.

So basically should I resort to using XSDs to specify input parameters, in order to expose my Rules as Web Services? Oh my my.... what an I missing?

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