Sunday, July 31, 2011

Best XML editor

I have used Altova XML Spy, but it's not free
I hear good things about Oxygen - also not free

I have been recommended Komodo Edit

I will start using it from today.

Eclipse XML Buddy plugin is so-and-so

Also Eclipse WTP is

As reported in the comments, a star also for  Liquid XML editor ( )


rangerover said...

have you tried liquid xml editor (, its also not free but the validation and intellisense are pretty good and thre GUI is the cleanest that I have seen

Pierluigi Vernetto said...

cool, I have installed Liquid and at first sight it compares favorably with XML Spy - and the price is a lot more accessible!


Pierluigi Vernetto said...

wow, the Luiquid XPath Query Builder alone is IMPRESSIVE!

Pierluigi Vernetto said...

and the Liquid XQuery editor itself is quite easy, with autocomplete and debugger