Sunday, August 20, 2017

Book: Peopleware

Where it's proven - with actual statistical facts, not only theories - that in IT - like elsewhere - PEOPLE and not TECHNOLOGIES are the key to success.... and that people are most productive when they are FREE to communicate and cooperate, and HAPPY and in a natural environment and without management pressure and coercion.

Quod Erat Demonstrandum.

Docker training

Excellent training available at

associated github repo

Awesome tool to plaz with Docker without having to install it locally

Docker install on Windows

Docker hub and

The Tomcat Docker Hub page

Docker-friendly CI host

OpenShift, Minishift, VirtualBox

Excellent VERY quick introduction to OpenShift:

I am following this nice introduction to OpenShift with github

Download and install VirtualBox

Install Docker

Download and unzip Minishift

If you get this error

.\minishift.exe start
-- Installing default add-ons ... OK
-- Checking if Hyper-V driver is configured ... FAIL
   Hyper-V virtual switch is not set

it means that maybe Docker is not installed

When I try to install Docker, it tells me "HyperV is not available on Home editions, please use Docker Toolbox" - which uses Oracle VirtualBox instead of HyperV

Since I have Windows 10 Home and I don't want to waste 170 USD to buy Windows Enterprise, I am installing Docker Toolbox