Sunday, May 24, 2015

Book : Java EE 7 Development with NetBeans 8

Don't expect a highly entertaining narrative in this book, it's simply a collection of examples illustrating the most important features of Netbeans 8 to build various kind of JEE applications, including Rest services, JMS messaging and JSF webapps. However it's kind of useful.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Book: Masterminds of Programming

I thought it was fun to hear the designer of so many different languages discuss on what is important in a language, and which rules to follow when designing a language and when writing an application.

Few of them seemed really to have clear ideas about language design.... and most statements contradict each still in 2015 we don't have a clear, commonly agreed, scientific approach to language design...

The author of Haskell was definitely the most inspiring...

Monday, May 18, 2015

kill weblogic on OutOfMemory error

When a weblogic server is hit by an OutOfMemory condition, it often agonizes for a while before finally collapsing. This is not very healthy for the poor beast, and for humanitarian reasons you might want to end its suffering sooner.

OnOutOfMemoryError is a little-know flag documented here

Try starting the JVM with -XX:OnOutOfMemoryError="kill -9 %p" or -XX:OnOutOfMemoryError='kill -9 %p' and see if this does the job. I haven't tested this flag yet.