Thursday, December 14, 2017

Openshift REST Client API written in Java

immensely more usable than the CLI...

I ask myself who wants to learn by heart the hyper-complicated Openshift command line interface, when you can easily wrap all that crap in a nice fluent Java API....

Life is short, I am too busy, no time to learn all the freaking CLIs of the planet... please give me simple and powerful programming tools... I don't want to type any commands...

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Excellent Docker presentation by Preethi Kasireddy

Where you learn:

- difference between a Container and a VM

- what is an Hypervisor (hosted or bare-metal)

- Docker Engine
- Docker client
- Docker daemon
- Dockerfile
- Docker image
- Union File Systems
- Volumes
- Containers

- Namespaces (NET, PID, MNT, UTS, IPC, USER)
- Cgroups (Control groups)
- Isolated union file systems

Great OpenShift presentation : OpenShift 3 Walkthrough

Here the code

In case you want to take the DO280 certification....

I was able to deploy the project on Openshift Online and run it.... impressive, but the configuration effort is really huge, when compared to docker-compose....

this is older video repeating more or less same concepts

and the famous "instant gratification with Openshift"

Grant Shipley is a great guy. Here another great talk by him - more philosophical than technical