Sunday, June 21, 2020

Oracle monitoring session

WITH blocked_resources AS (select id1 ,id2 ,SUM(ctime) as blocked_secs ,COUNT(1) as blocked_count ,type from v$lock where request > 0 group by type,id1,id2 ) ,blockers AS (select L.id1, L.id2, L.type, L.sid ,BR.blocked_secs ,BR.blocked_count from v$lock L ,blocked_resources BR where BR.type = L.type and BR.id1 = L.id1 and BR.id2 = L.id2 and L.lmode > 0 and L.block <> 0 ) select /*+ MERGE(@"SEL$22") MERGE(@"SEL$109DB78D") MERGE(@"SEL$5") MERGE(@"SEL$38") MERGE(@"SEL$470E2127") MERGE(@"SEL$7286615E") MERGE(@"SEL$62725911") MERGE(@"SEL$2EC965E0") MERGE(@"SEL$C8360722") MERGE(@"SEL$874CA85A") MERGE(@"SEL$74A24351") MERGE(@"SEL$71D7A081") MERGE(@"SEL$7") MERGE(@"SEL$24") CARDINALITY(@"SEL$AF73C875" "S"@"SEL$4" 1000) CARDINALITY(@"SEL$AF73C875" "R"@"SEL$4" 1000) */ B.id1||'_'||B.id2||'_'||S.sid||'_'||S.serial# as id ,'SID,SERIAL:'||S.sid||','||S.serial#||',LOCK_TYPE:'||B.type||',PROGRAM:'||S.program||',MODULE:'||S.module||',ACTION:'||S.action||',MACHINE:'||S.machine||',OSUSER:'||S.osuser||',USERNAME:'||S.username as info ,B.blocked_secs ,B.blocked_count from v$session S ,blockers B where B.sid = S.sid;

Recommended the use of TOAD for DBA (Database browser)

Saturday, May 23, 2020

Automating Keyboard and Mouse in Java

package org.pierre.robot;

import java.awt.*;
import java.awt.event.KeyEvent;

public class RobotSnapshot {
    public static void main(String[] args) throws AWTException {
        Robot robot = new Robot();
        for (int i = 0; i < 2000; i++) {

Sunday, April 26, 2020


I down load and extract the JDK 11 with dcevm hotswap agent, and I configure it as JDK in Intellij (Project Structure):

When I run my application, it's using:


HOTSWAP AGENT: 21:08:29.718 INFO (org.hotswap.agent.HotswapAgent) - Loading Hotswap agent {1.4.0} - unlimited runtime class redefinition.
HOTSWAP AGENT: 21:08:30.048 INFO (org.hotswap.agent.config.PluginRegistry) - Discovered plugins: [JdkPlugin, Hotswapper, WatchResources, ClassInitPlugin, AnonymousClassPatch, Hibernate, Hibernate3JPA, Hibernate3, Spring, Jersey1, Jersey2, Jetty, Tomcat, ZK, Logback, Log4j2, MyFaces, Mojarra, Omnifaces, ELResolver, WildFlyELResolver, OsgiEquinox, Owb, Proxy, WebObjects, Weld, JBossModules, ResteasyRegistry, Deltaspike, GlassFish, Vaadin, Wicket, CxfJAXRS, FreeMarker, Undertow, MyBatis]
Starting HotswapAgent 'D:\pierre\Java\dcevm-11.0.6+1\lib\hotswap\hotswap-agent.jar'