Saturday, May 12, 2012

Hyperic Plugin HowTo

you must deploy the plugin on both the server and agent side

server and agent:



see immediately this for help
"I tried running the commands with the argument and it is able to match the processes running."

(of course Hyperic documentation make a lot of blablabla but they forget to tell you clearly how to set each property, and leave to you the reverse engineering of their product...)

this is a SERVER plugin ("Java"), exposing SERVICES ("Java GC")

Here how to get the HQ source code:
svn co hyperic-hq

How to have SIGAR discover a WebLogic server:

ps State.Name.eq=java,CredName.User.eq=soa,Args.*.ct=-Dweblogic.Name=osbpp1ms1

where osbpp1ms1 is the server name

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