Saturday, June 29, 2013

Consensus-based Whole Server Migration

I have a cluster with 2 MS

On both MS, tick "enable whole server migration", and select both machines as possible targets (you will need both, if you want to migrate your server back)

At cluster level, don't forget to switch to "Consensus" (the default is "Database"), and again to choose both machines as target (not sure why this double settings):

At this point, after a good restart of both MS, you will be able to migrate a MS from one machine to the other - this will shutdown MS from 310 and startup on 311:

The end result will be that both MS are running on the same machine:

You can now bring down the first machine for maintenance.

Be aware that, if your MS uses a Virtual IP, and WSM is enabled, whenever you migrate a MS the VIP will be removed from the Origin machine and added to the Target machine.

If you forget to enable consensus, you will get this error:
BEA-003109 Cluster osbpp4cl uses database as the migration basis but no data source for migration has been configured.

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