Monday, June 17, 2013

weblogic find difference between two domains

If you have 2 working domains and want to find out in which way they differ, you have several options:

- use Enterprise manager, which has a Compare domains tool

- tar up the DOMAIN_HOME/bin folder and the  DOMAIN_HOME/config folder and use Beyond Compare

- do a domainToScript() with WLST and do a diff

- find all .sh and .xml and .properties files under /opt/oracle/fmw, tar up and diff with beyond compare

- see for rsync (I suggest to tar and copy both domains to another machine)

- do a jinfo PID on each instance of server, and do a diff

-  find /opt/oracle/fmw11_1_1_5/ -name *.jar | sort | xargs md5sum > allmd5.txt

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