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Just a collection of useful links on less-understood topics

what is a SB protocol in OSB?

(this was copied from Oracle Forum:) SB transport is primarily used for invocations between different OSB instances where transaction propagation is required. eg In an organization, two department use OSB for hosting their services. Finance services are hosted on OSB_Fin domain and Marketing services are hosted on OSB_Mar domain. If there is an requirement for transactional communication between the proxies of these two service then it would be ideal to use SB transport. Also can also be used for routing to local proxies (SB business service without a JNDI provider) and in that case SB transport is optimized for RMI.


how do I use client certificates to secure a HTTP Proxy?

see this excellent tutorial and

and a must-read on TLS


should I enable "Transaction Required" in a Proxy?

see explanation here:

Most likely yes, unless you want to set explicitly "Quality Of Service=exactly once" for every Service Callout or Route operation

for an excellent coverage of Transactions in OSB, read


in a JMS Business Service, what is the "Response Queue" for?

a BS can handle synchronous calls to external services using 2 JMS queues (one to send the request, the other to receive the response) as channels. correlation of the 2 messages is done commonly through JMSCorrelationID


in a JMS Proxy Service, what is the "Same Transaction For Response" option for?

look at this excellent video

and the "Is Response Required " ?

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