Saturday, September 6, 2014

Books: The Politics of Heroin, The History of the First World War

Just finished reading these 2 MASSIVE history books, the first tells a lot of really interesting stories on how geopolitical interests control the production and traffic of heroin in the world. Most of the book is about the Golden Triangle (Thailand, Laos, Myanmar) and it really helps to read at least the Wikipedia about these 3 countries before reading this book, because things are really intricate.

It's definitely a book you need to read twice to digest it.

This one is a very comprehensive coverage of the military social and political events before, during and after WW I. This war shaped the world and laid the foundations for WW II, so it's not really "old stuff", it's an account of how modern warfare got organized in an industrial way of killing.

The author is very well documented, and he exposes very well the subject. However I got the impression that he underestimates the role that International Finance had in preparing the war - my personal opinion is that events of that caliber are programmed several years in advance by the International Elites to reshape the world to their advantage, and to pile up massive profits in war-related business. USA intervened at the last minute, played only a relatively minor role, yet they almost unilaterally dictated the peace conditions - with great irritation of UK and France. They played basically the same trick in WW II. Hence I would really like to understand the role they played in preparing the war - even if they always pretended to be completely isolated from the Old Continent.

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