Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Learning Angular 2

I have recently applied for a job in Toptal - just to keep be busy on weekends, after my regular bicycle rides - and they asked me to build a small Web Application.
jQuery seemed a bit outdated, so I have decided to learn Angular 2
Here a useful presentation (just skip the first 10 minutes.... why people can't simply go straight to the point....)
and the next thing you probably want to do is to go through the tutorial

I know there are other products (Ember, React) but I don't have the time to examine them all.
This one is very good, about HTML5 and Angular 1:

This contains a really cool, simple example you can easily code yourself:

This one attempts to explain you the concepts, there are good things but I find it very very verbose:

(I might take the whole 7 hours course, it's only 19 USD)

Then this one is really good to show all the bits and pieces who put together form the AngularJS framework

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