Wednesday, January 13, 2016

BEA-110503 JTA migration policy : The migrator is not available

We see this Warning message in the logs

<Warning> <JTA> <BEA-110503> <The migrator(the AdminServer for manual JTA migration policy, or the Singleton Master for automatic JTA migration policy) is not available. Will skip JTA TRS failback because isStrictOwnershipCheck is [false]. This may lead to potencial TLOG corruption if TRS of myserver has been migrated to backup server and the backup server is accessing the TLOG of myserver . More safety can be achieved by setting isStrictOwnershipCheck to [true].> here an explanation of the Service Migration Policy

"TRS" is JTA Transaction Recovery Service "The Transaction Recovery Service automatically attempts to recover transactions on system startup by parsing all transaction log records for incomplete transactions and completing them. "


I will elaborate more once I find out more.

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