Sunday, April 26, 2020


I down load and extract the JDK 11 with dcevm hotswap agent, and I configure it as JDK in Intellij (Project Structure):

When I run my application, it's using:


HOTSWAP AGENT: 21:08:29.718 INFO (org.hotswap.agent.HotswapAgent) - Loading Hotswap agent {1.4.0} - unlimited runtime class redefinition.
HOTSWAP AGENT: 21:08:30.048 INFO (org.hotswap.agent.config.PluginRegistry) - Discovered plugins: [JdkPlugin, Hotswapper, WatchResources, ClassInitPlugin, AnonymousClassPatch, Hibernate, Hibernate3JPA, Hibernate3, Spring, Jersey1, Jersey2, Jetty, Tomcat, ZK, Logback, Log4j2, MyFaces, Mojarra, Omnifaces, ELResolver, WildFlyELResolver, OsgiEquinox, Owb, Proxy, WebObjects, Weld, JBossModules, ResteasyRegistry, Deltaspike, GlassFish, Vaadin, Wicket, CxfJAXRS, FreeMarker, Undertow, MyBatis]
Starting HotswapAgent 'D:\pierre\Java\dcevm-11.0.6+1\lib\hotswap\hotswap-agent.jar'

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