Monday, December 26, 2022

Learning React, first experiences

I have bought myself (20 USD) the course by John Smilga.... it's loaded with exercises, but doesn't really focus enough on concepts, besides if there is something that I REALLY hate is watching someone typing code for hours in a row. Also, too many open parenthesis and a very verbose exposition. Here his github repo which contains plenty of really nice examples.

I am reading the book "React Quickly, second Edition" and it's a decent book, at least is focuses on concepts, even if way too verbose. Here their github repo.

The site is quite cool, but eventually I prefer to run "npm start" locally and code with vscode

This guy is awesome, he has a youtube channel really worth exploring. He is offering also a paid video training for 60 USD, a bit steep but his explanations are crisp clear and he doesn't get too lost in bloated projects. His youtube channel here

The official React site offers a nice basic tutorial

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