Monday, April 23, 2012

WebLogic HTTP access.log not being written

(aka How To Change the Buffer Size for the WebLogic Server Http Access Log [ID 1113583.1] )

HTTP access logs are buffered for performance reasons.
By default logs are buffered until reaching 8kb when they are flushed to the file.
You can configure this buffer - if set to zero then logs will be written immediately.

The HTTPAccessLog could sometimes not be viewed from the console.
The LogFileMBean now includes a buffer-size-kb parameter. This parameter has a default value of 8 KB; when set to zero or less, it will not buffer the log messages.
For example, to set the buffer size for access.log in config.xml:

<web-server-log> See also LogFileFlushSecs, which is deprecated and no longer available: so your only chance it to change the BufferSize

cd /Servers/osbdv2ms1/WebServer/osbdv2ms1/WebServerLog/osbdv2ms1

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