Tuesday, April 10, 2012

OSB load test on AnyXML interface with SOAPUI

File/ New Project
Enter a project name (eg PIPPOLoadTest) and leave everything else empty

create project

right click on project
New REST Service - leave checked the "Open dialog to create a REST Resource"

Resource name - enter MyTest1, and enter endpoint URI for your Proxy Service

New Rest Method - choose HTTP Method = POST

You will get this window - in the bottom left you can paste your XML payload (it's NOT a SOAP message, so you should not have the soap:envelope nor soap:body tags)

Test the service with the payload. If it works, then we are ready to create the TestSuite.

Right click on project, "Generate Test Suite", select resources (the above created MyTest1), select "generate a default LoadTest for each created TestCase"

This creates the TestSuite. You can open the LoadTest and change parameters (Threads, delay...)

On your OSB project, select your Proxy Service, Operational Parameters, enable monitoring with 1 minute aggregation level, Action level.

Start your SOAPUI Load Test.

Go to Operations, Service Health, Action Metrics and you will have a detailed analysis of average time taken by action.

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