Sunday, March 15, 2015

netstat command not found in RHEL 7

Ok just another moronic decision to deprecated a widely used utility from new 7 distributions.

Here an amusing attempt to justify it (I guess those guys would justify even Torture, Death Sentence and Vivisection)

So net-tools package was deprecated in favor of iproute2 suite. EVER HEARD OF BACKWARD COMPATIBILITY ????? Can't you AT LEAST provide me with a compatibility wrapper? What am I supposed to do with the TONS of maintenance scripts relying on those old commands?

Please, stop destroying my productivity and professional life. I can't waste my precious time trying to work around your stupidity creativity. Those utilities have been around even before you were born, they belong to the DNA of million of people. LEAVE THEM ALONE. Why don't you propose to pull down the Colosseum and build instead a huge Mc Donald in the shape of a Pink and Violet Multi-layer Pizza-shaped Tower? There is no roof to what a stupid man can destroy when granted absolute power.

Here a meek attempt to reconcile the stranded masses with the new generation of Sacerdots of the Linux Temple

PS ah of course why bothering to install telnet by default. Who needs telnet.

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