Sunday, March 15, 2015 : The JRE was not found in directory ....

After installing WLS and creating a new domain, I do:

cd /opt/oracle/wlsdomains/domains/mydomain


and I get the stinky dreaded message:

The JRE was not found in directory /usr/java/. (JAVA_HOME)
Please edit your environment and set the JAVA_HOME
variable to point to the root directory of your Java installation.

First I check all the "*.properties" files in the binary installation contain the right JAVA_HOME :
find /opt/oracle/middleware11g/ -name "*.properties" -exec cat {} \; | grep JAVA_HOME
After a quick grep I find out that this messages comes from /opt/oracle/wlsdomains/domains/mydomain/bin/

I hack the file to contain:




and also I make sure that the jdk installation belongs to the same user that installed WebLogic (it used to be root) and things now work fine.

I think the root issue is that I didn't specify the JAVA_HOME in the silent installation configuration xml:

See for a well tested silent installer.

I will spend the rest of the day pondering on why on Earth Oracle doesn't want to provide a single point of configuration for all Oracle products, rather than spreading around configuration in zillion of files.


Unknown said...

Even I am facing the same. I done everything to set. But still it is not working.

vernetto said...

better to reinstall everything from scratch.... or use some Docker WebLogic images available on