Wednesday, June 16, 2010

OSB, closing a Project belonging to a Configuration will fail deployment

I find this feature a bit irritating:
you create configuration AConf,
you create inside two projects:

Now you close BProj and you deploy AConf to the server from Eclipse.

You will get an error message reminding you that BProj is closed.
I would expect that, since I am deploying only AProj, the state of BProj doesn't really matter.

Workaround: either keep the BProj open, or move it to another configuration.

I like to keep open only the projects I am currently working on, to improve Eclipse performance issues and avoid getting confused while I click around.

I would also strongly discourage renaming projects, I have the impression the old name still hangs around in some configuration file, and when you deploy you get an error message:

Resource '/yourProjectName' does not exist.

after I have renamed yourProjectName intosomething else.

In fact you can go into ConfigurationProject/.setting/com.bea.alsb.core.prefs
and there is a property

Just remove the one you don't need... it's a hack but it works.

Remember to refresh the ConfigProject in Eclipse afterwards, close the ConfigProject and reopen it.

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