Friday, November 5, 2010

The Hourglass Syndrome

New project, and, needles to say, new under-equipped machine.

When you run WebLogic server and Oracle Workshop (forget about Oracle DB) on a single desktop, you need definitely MORE than 2 GB.

It seems to be a STANDARD for humongous, cash-rich corporation to equip their workers with machines as HALF as powerful what a private would get from a supermarket spending 500 euros. Nobody today would buy a desktop with less than 4 GB.

The result is this: you put to sleep the creative thinking.
When you are presented constantly with an hourglass whenever you click something, it really HURTS you. It's a stress syndrome. It's a frustration syndrome (someone calls it "post traumatic wait syndrome").

You stop generating new ideas because you know that putting them in practice would put you through a lot more pain that the idea itself would bring you. If you punish with an hourglass (or an electric shock) every innovative idea, you kill innovation.

This is what corporations achieve by saving 40 Euros on a 2 GB chip of RAM.

My advice: don't expect corporations to care. Just buy a 2 GB RAM, install it and file an expenses claim.

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