Saturday, March 12, 2011

Spring MVC

This is the official doc.

here a nice getting started guide

And here a "Spring MVC + Hibernate" template application to get started in 2 minutes.

this presentation is quite impressive:

although Web programming is really not my cup of tea, so I fell asleep after 40 minutes.

some notes here:

DispatcherServlet is the "universal handler"
defined in web.xml

the ContextLoaderServlet bootstraps Spring and make it available in the web context

the controller runs a scan in the classpath to automatically instantiate all beans

@Controller defines a controller
@RequestMapping defines a request handler

data binding and unmarshalling can be done automatically with annotations - and supports many technologies (REST, JSON...)

RooJavaBean generates getters and setters

Many standard arguments are supported and injected by Spring, resolved based on their type.

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