Friday, May 6, 2011

SOA 100 Questions

On the whole I found this book more useful for managers/ivory_tower_architects than for developers. The amount of repetitions of well known concepts is disturbing, for instance the word "Flexibility" is repeated 116 times in 267 pages; "Reuse" 178 times, "Integration" 166 times, "infrastructure" 266 times...governance 317 times, SOA 1678 times!!!!

Things to retain:
a Service should be: Stateless, Discoverable, Self-describing, Composable, Loosely coupled, Governed by policy, Independent location language and protocol, Coarse-grained, possibly Asynchronous

OSIMM : offers a benchmark to evaluate the SOA Maturity Level of your company.

Read the famous IBM article on SIMM.

This article on SOA is also worth reading.

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