Monday, September 19, 2011

Handy settings for your Unix environment

very few things are as frustrating as having to work on a Unix Shell which doesn't have autocomplete and history retrieve enabled, or the backspace.

Here are the settings:

stty erase ^? # backspace here
set -o emacs
alias __A=$(print '\0020') # ^P = up = previous command
alias __B=$(print '\0016') # ^N = down = next command
alias __C=$(print '\0006') # ^F = right = forward a character
alias __D=$(print '\0002') # ^B = left = back a character
alias __H=$(print '\0001') # ^A = home = beginning of line

I am still looking for autocompletion, my shell is /sbin/sh

And remember that ESC-ESC enables autocompletion in HP-UX - like TAB in Linux

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