Sunday, April 7, 2013

Vagrant, Puppet, Geppetto

In a nutshell, Vagrant is a wrapper around Puppet to provision Virtual Boxes.
Vagrant doc here
Vagrant and Puppet doc here
Virtual Box doc here
Getting started
Download Virtual box here
Install it to C:\pierre\virtualbox\
Download vagrant from here
Install it to C:\pierre\vagrant\

To check the Vagrant installation, open a DOS prompt and type "vagrant".

Vagrant Getting Started , this is an excellent hands on tutorial

vagrant box add lucid32
vagrant init lucid32
vagrant up
if you get
Vagrant timed out while attempting to connect to the HTTP host.
Please check your internet and proxy settings and try again.

you can download the file and run:
set HOMESHARE=c:\pierre\vagrant
vagrant box add lucid32 c:/pierre/downloads/

Geppetto can be downloaded here

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