Thursday, July 11, 2013

Migrating Admin for a OSB cluster

if you plan to start the admin server on the second node, all DOMAIN_HOME/osb/config/* have to be copied from node1 o node2:

make sure no osb session is currently open:
 this should be empty:
ls /opt/oracle/domains/osbpr4do/osb/config/sessions

align the DOMAIN_HOME/osb/config/core on node2 with the content of node1:

on node1:
cd /opt/oracle/domains/osbpr4do/osb/config/core
jar cvf /tmp/coreconfig.jar *

on node2:
copy the coreconfig.jar to /tmp
cd /opt/oracle/domains/osbpr4do/osb/config/core
rm -rf *
cp /tmp/coreconfig.jar .
jar xvf coreconfig.jar

copy of ldap files and deployments:

on node 1:
cd /opt/oracle/domains/osbpr4do/servers/
jar cvf /tmp/osbpr4as.jar osbpr4as*

copy the jar /tmp/osbpr4as.jar on node1 to /tmp/osbpr4as.jar on node2
cd /opt/oracle/domains/osbpr4do/servers/
jar xvf /tmp/osbpr4as.jar

Now you can start the Admin on node2
The alternative is to move all DOMAIN_HOME/osb folder to a shared location, and create a symbolic link
ls -s $DOMAIN_HOME/osb $DOMAIN_HOME/shared/osb
unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a way to configure this folder, so the only workaround is the symlink.
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