Friday, October 11, 2013

Javamonamour might die soon, thanks to Google Apps Support unavailability

I put in the hands of Google Apps and godaddy, they are asking me to update my Credit Card information by logging in the Google Apps console, but every time I try to do it I get an "Invalid request" message (it's not an invalid password, this has a different error message).

If you want to contact Google Support you must provide a PIN, to find the PIN you must log into your account.... catch 22. I have opened a case by email, a robot replied with some useless advice. There is NO WAY you can talk to a human within the organization.

I have read many posts of desperate people in my same conditions, and Google seems to ignore all the cases.

I will try to migrate the blog to a new provider...

UPDATE I managed to access the google apps console... the trick is that you should use the email you setup as administrator of the site... if you go back in the emails you have received, google apps has definitely sent you an email to that address 8automatically created as a valid google email address) PLUS to your main address. You can easily initiate a password reset procedure for that administrative address, they will send the password reset to your main address, and once you reset the password you can login to the Google Apps console.

Of course they don't bother to explain you all this, nor to give you a proper error message (Invalid request!).

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