Sunday, December 1, 2013

barefoot at office

I am a strong advocate of Primitivism - meaning by that from the invention of Agriculture (10k BC) onwards humanity has only experienced a degradation in the quality of life.

Small tribal units scattered over a vast territory and eking out a living my marginally cropping the fruits of Earth, was the real Zenith of civilization. Lascaux forever. No nuclear weapons, no pollution, no mass warfare, no electronic loneliness, no massive ecosystems destruction, no high-heels shoes with snotty women inside. Sometimes out might be eaten by a lion, but that's life - better a lion than scam capitalism.

Unfortunately in the corporate world it is believed that the more we complicate life, the better. So walking barefoot is not considered OK - although we have been doing that for million of years and it was quite OK since we did quite well as a species.

I am affected by flat feet because when a child I was made to wear the same shoes for several years until they busted my metatarsal arches. This flat feet condition can be extremely taxing on your quads and calves. Any kind of insoles or orthotics have proven useless if not harmful. When you are affected by flat-feet, the best thing you can do is walking barefoot. On grass, on sand, even on asphalt (but don't overdo it on asphalt or you will get painful blisters... asphalt is not natural and our feet were not engineered for it).

The second best alternative is to try some "special" minimalistic shoes, who get you as close as possible to the barefoot experience without management kicking you out: I am trying now this

I have tried also but it's not really acceptable at office.... besides I hate accommodating each toe in a separate slot...

Healthy, primitive feet who have never known the imprisonment of a shoe:

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