Sunday, February 16, 2014

Drag and Drop movies disabled in STINKY iTunes

First make sure that your movie type is actually accepted in STINKY Iphone (STINKY Iphone plays only a small subset of movie types)

Start STINKY Itunes in safe mode (hold down SHIFT+CONTROL while starting... you should see a message "ITunes is running in safe mode". click continue... then try adding movies (on this iphone, music, drag and drop)... IT STILL DOESN'T WORK!

Even "File/Add file to liibrary" fails silently.

Besides, I have some movies showing in ITunes which don't exist any longer on the device.

I have tried with File/Library/reorganize/consolidate. Nothing.

I go to the "Movies" tab, enable the "Sync movies" button and click "Sync"... I get a message saying that you can Sync with only 1 computer, so all my library will be lost...??? I guess that Apple has no notion of merging and Content Management systems.... how deeply pathetic, all this is so monolithic and user unfriendly....

If you google around, it's all a litany of desperate users trying to fix this issue without any help from Apple Support.

STINKY ITunes is the worst piece of crap ever seen on this planet, even a junior developer could code a better UI. And Apple built his empire on this pathetic piece of crap. How sad that we are in the hands of these %"£!@.

Do yourself a favor... DON'T BUY EVER AN IPHONE!


Desperately, I have checked "manually manage files" and synced the whole library. It erased all the content, but now I am able to add movies. OK now I will have to painstakingly re-add all the MP3s.... luckily my PDF were not deleted....

If I delivered this kind of crap to my clients I would be out of business in a matter of days

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