Thursday, March 20, 2014


I was trying desperately to pass an argument to the JVM:
by setting it in the JAVA_OPTIONS in the DOMAIN_HOME/bin/
Much to my dismay, the MS - started via NM with "usestartscript=true", would always come up with the same property=false.
After hours of grepping and swearing, I found out that in the domain_home/servers/AdminServer/data/nodemanager/ this value was set to false. this was overriding my settings. The same setting was in the of every MS, but it was overwritten at startup, so no point in changing it.
"Node Manager uses the file to determine the startup and configuration when starting a server. This file is defined for each server instance and is located in:

domain_home/servers/server_name/data/nodemanager/ "

"Each Managed Server instance has its own file with properties that control how Node Manager starts up and controls the server. Node Manager automatically creates this file by using properties passed to Node Manager when the Administrative Server was last used to start the server. This allows a Node Manager client or startup scripts to restart a Managed Server using the same properties last used by the Administrative Server. "

Once you change the of the Admin, remember to restart the NM.

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