Saturday, June 21, 2014

Book: Storms of My Grandchildren

Author James Hansen does a decent job at unraveling the intricacies of climate science, sometimes one gets lost in the intricacies of the technicalities.... yet especially at the end of the book the message is loud and clear: "business as usual" means "total destruction of any form of life on this planet, within less than 100 years". And, most of all, stay away from COAL.

The short science-fiction story at the end of the book is really remarkable, Asimov could not have done better.

I don't share the author's opinion that Nuclear Power can be a solution, to me the only mitigation we can apply is a) population control 2) return to an essential, frugal lifestyle less focused on consumerism and more on social, cultural and spiritual values. Of course this shall never happen and Earth will become like Venus within 100 years - we are just at the beginning of a very accelerated warming path which will take a really dramatic pace within 10-15 years.

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