Wednesday, August 27, 2014

OSB and SLA alerts in Eclipse

When you define a SLA alert in the OSB Console (sbconsole) this xml is added you your .proxy file :
    <ser:alertRule name="slow" enabled="true">
      <aler:Condition type="statistics">
        <aler:config aggregation-interval="10" xsi:type="mon:monitoringConditionType" xmlns:mon="">
            <mon:lhs-operand-type xsi:nil="true"/>
            <mon:lhsDisplayName>Response Time</mon:lhsDisplayName>
      <aler:AlertDestination ref="PVtest/pier"/>

where PVtest/pier is an AlertDestination.

The horrifying thing is that if I import into eclipse this sbconfig.jar, the alertRules is emptied.

You can find some reference in the comments here and here. Of course I am shocked and horrified, because this is horrible and horrific.

So if you want to have those SLA, you must be very careful with Eclipse....

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