Tuesday, October 21, 2014

WebLogic password change

quick miscellaneous notes on the topic... it's VERY easy to get the procedure wrong... http://middlewaremagic.com/weblogic/?p=323

BEA-090078 User weblogic in security realm myrealm has had 5 invalid login attempts, locking account for 30 minutes.
See also: Problem Resetting the Weblogic User Password (Doc ID 1589360.1)

Tried to reset the weblogic users password with these steps:
  a. Stopped Weblogic Server instance.
  b. Make a backup of the LDAP folder of the admin server as well as managed
  c. Set your environment variables by running setDomainEnv.sh (UNIX):. ./setDomainEnv.sh
  e. cd to security directory in your instance.(eg: $WL_HOME/user_projects/domains/base_domain/security)
  d. Run: java weblogic.security.utils.AdminAccount weblogic password .
  e. After running the command, the file “DefaultAuthenticatorInit.ldift” will get updated.
  f. Delete the following file from “ldap” folder: DefaultAuthenticatormyrealmInit.initialized
  g. Edit the boot.properties file and change the password to the value already used on step d.

Started NodeManager and WebLogic Server. Log files show ‘Running’ but can not 
display the WLS Admin Console log in Screen.
 Updated the password for the weblogic user.

java weblogic.security.utils.AdminAccount weblogic hello .

Don’t forget the period “ .” at the end of the above command, it is required

Remember also
Reset the node manager password in WLS Admin Console. 
Reference the note: WebLogic - Getting exception in WLST "weblogic.nodemanager.NMException: 
Access to domain for user denied" (Doc ID 889842.1)
  A. Log in to the WLS Admin Console
  B. In the Domain Structure navigation window of the left click on the Domain name.
  C. Click on the 'Security' link on the right hand side
  D. Click the Advanced link near the bottom
  E. Update the 'NodeManager Password' to be the new password you created for weblogic > Save.

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