Wednesday, November 26, 2014

bugbuster, the alternative to Selenium

I have just seen a presentation of BugBuster, it's a JavaScript web functional test product with a recorder - a Chrome extension - which is totally integrated to your browser.

This means that it instruments the browser to monitor if the previous operation (like : form submission, AJAX xml send) is completed.... no need for "wait" statements.

I was really impressed by the cleanness of the interface, simplicity of use and the fact that it delivers you compact code that you can review and eventually customize.

The pricing seems very honest, so it's worth a try.

The company is a spinoff of the University of Lausanne... it's nice to see a University doing research and creating products...

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Anonymous said...

thanks a lot for this post Pierluigi! Looking forward to our future collaboration :)

BTW here is a page on our website dedicated to BugBuster as an alternative to Selenium

See ya soon!