Friday, December 5, 2014

WorkManager: “Maximum Threads Constraint” vs “Capacity Constraint”

Someone was asking "if we set a limit of the number of concurrent requests using a work manager, what will happen to the other requests incoming when the limit has already been reached?"

On the workmanagr configuration, there is a "Capacity Constraint":
The total number of requests that can be queued or executing before WebLogic Server begins rejecting requests”

What is the difference between “Maximum Threads Constraint” and “Capacity Constraint” ?

Max Threads Constraint: Guarantees the number of threads the server will allocate to requests.

Capacity Constraint: Causes the server to reject requests only when it has reached its capacity.

I think it’s safe to set Capacity Constraint to a quite high number (say 100) so as to allow the server to put clients on hold even when it has reached its max threads constraint.

It would be nice to test this….

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