Friday, February 6, 2015

Installing Oracle SoaSuite 11g pre-built VM on A Mac Pro (OS-X)

Unfortunately all the instructions on the Oracle site are FOR WINDOWS ONLY (bleah).

On a Mac, installing Virtual Box Manager is just as easy. Download the 6 files (7z split file). Here comes the tricky part, 7Zip is not supported on a Mac. I personally PURCHASED for 2 CHF the "Keka" application, and it was very easy to unpack the 6 files into a oel6-64bit-soasuite-11gr1-ps6-otn.ova file. A free alternative is "The Unarchiver", I have installed it but not tested.

At this point, in Finder, right-click on the oel6-64bit-soasuite-11gr1-ps6-otn.ova file, choose "Open with..." and then "Virtual Box (default)".

I "Start" the VM image, and get an error message about the missing support for USB 2.0. I just remove this option from the VM settings and all runs smoothly (this is explained also in the pre-built VM box instructions).

Login as oracle/oracle and enjoy. You can use also Mac's own terminal to connect: "ssh -X oracle@localhost -p 2222"

Using the -X switch will allow you to use the pre-installed firefox on the VM.... so you avoid fastidious settings on your host machine.

Run firefox, then enter:


If you find X11 too slow (it was slow on my machine), you can access from the host machine browser:

sudo vi /private/etc/hosts

add this line: soabpm-vm localhost

then enter in your browser, and login as weblogic/welcome1. OSB console available at

eventually also exclude from the proxy settings the and localhost...

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