Friday, April 24, 2015


I have just discovered the existence of this flag -Dweblogic.jdbc.ignoreExceptionsWhileCreatingInitialCapacity=true , whose name is quite self explanatory. However I found no documentation on it.
There is a note (Doc ID 1557843.1) in support saying that this flag is not supported and not really recommended.
I have personally always used InitialCapacity = 0, I don't care so much about losing performance on the first connection, I hate the AppServer to go in FAILED state if only ONE Datasource (which might be used only in some rare use case) is not available...
But again you MIGHT need this flag for special cases.... so.... do as you like, just don't rely too much on this flag...
See also -Dweblogic.deployment.IgnorePrepareStateFailures=true to the same purpose.

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