Saturday, April 2, 2016

EJB 3.2 tutorial with Manning, EJB 3 in Action

The book is decent, but half of the prose could be removed and the narrative could be much more terse. It seems that often the authors get carried away by their literary velleity. Unfortunately the code examples are incomplete, as always happens the "import" statement are omitted, so that it really takes some effort to try the examples. However, code is provided on the Manning site.

java:/[app-name]//[!fully-qualifiedinterface- name] java:comp java:module java:app java:global

@AroundInvoke @Interceptors , default interceptor in ejb-jar-xml

@TransactionAttribute @ApplicationException
@Schedule @Schedules
@WebService @SOAPBinding @WebMethod @WebResult
@Produces @Consumes
@EntityManager @Entity

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