Saturday, November 12, 2016

git sucks (I HAD to say it one day)

I am an occasional GIT user and it really, really gets on my nerve how difficult it is to do anything even basic, that with SVN I could do in a much more predictable way.

I have already lost on several occasions my work - and no clue what I have done wrong, and I didn't even receive any warning while GIT was destroying my files. I have worked 20 years with SVN CVS and the such, I have NEVER lost any work. With GIT it has already happened twice in a few months. VANISHED.

I understand that GIT is EXTREMELY powerful, but my life is short and I don't have the time to become a master before I can simply do some basic check-in check-out. Just provide me with a simple set of commands that work predictably under all circumstances, and leave the advanced stuff to the PRO.

Not to mention that I have struggled half an hour just to put together a .gitignore (that still doesn't do what I expected) or to change the color scheme (in vain, my commands are simply ignored).

This is a powerful, professional RANT against the tool, I don't understand all the details but mostly agree:

Also this reading is very good

This also is a good RANT

I have probably spent a good week trying to educate myself over GIT, but I still feel totally scared by its hocus pocus. It's simply too complex to rely entirely on a command-line interface. Do yourself a favor: use only a visual interface to it.

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