Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Birbal story

If you don't know Birbal, please google it and try to read some of his stories. Birbal is one of the best memories I have brought back from India.

I am reblogging here this story because it's too precious to go lost. In fact I have found it on another blog.

Once Akbar asked Birbal “Which is the most precious thing in the world? Is it diamonds, rubies or gold?” Birbal thought for a minute and replied with a smile “The most precious thing is not diamonds, rubies or gold but the relief of shitting”. Akbar was outraged! He started storming around his court screaming at Birbal and his insolence. “You fool! Have you finally lost it? You see my kingdom? It’s the richest and the most powerful empire. I own every precious thing conceivable. And you make a joke on my treasures? Get out of my sight or else I will have you beheaded.” But Birbal had far too much pride to quit. After a couple of days, Akbar was supposed to leave on a boat trip to a far away part of his empire. In the morning breakfast, Birbal mixed some Croton seeds, jamalgota, in Akbar’s food. So when Akbar was almost half way through the water journey, he got a very pressing call of nature. And when it did not subside and kept on increasing, he asked the men to turn back and head for shore. They barely made it in time to the shore and Akbar ran into the bushes with a pail of water. When he came back, he was smiling with beads of perspiration on his forehead. And there Birbal was, giving Akbar a knowing smile. Akbar conceded “Yeah, now I know you were right as always Birbal...”


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