Saturday, August 26, 2017

Getting started with OpenShift

you can try installing on your local machine: install Vagrant

install virtualbox

clone this github repo and vagrant up... good luck! On Windows the clone fails because of a filename too long issue (hello Microsoft????  ) .

Another way is to test directly on AWS: , go through the AWS guide "red-hat-openshift-on-the-aws-cloud" and discover that this quickstart is no longer available (hello, Amazon??? Why don't you tell it on the home page?? ).

Check out on for available quickstarts - there is no Openshift quickstart! This world is a chaos, a Cambrian explosion of products which end up in a total mess, fish with wings and trunks like elephants, and survive only one generation or the space of a few months.

About AWS, I discover another document but it's a bit long reading...

Anyway in the meantime I discover that the Vagrantfile VirtualBox approach has been DROPPED in favour of Minishift (one more extinct species, whose fossil debris still clutter the digital space...)... too bad that the online book "OpenShift for developers" has not been updated, and I have wasted 3 hours of my life to discover that the "all in one" approach is dead...Grant Shipley and Graham Dumpleton, how about taking care of your creation?

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