Tuesday, October 3, 2017

I have deleted my Facebook account

I was wasting way too much time simply browsing through a lot of endless chatter, sometimes almost neurotically/compulsively.

And some times I found myself intervening in other people conversations, gratuitously. And sometimes also polemically.

I feel now a liberated person, I have more free time and I have regained control of the time spent on a PC.

Also, I believe that true friendship can only stem from shared experiences, common values and ideals, and you can't really know someone via an interposed screen and keyboard. So, real friends stay in contact by email; the rest, I don't really care, just like they don't care about me.

Haha I will open a Facebook Closed Group "Facebookist Anonymous" for those who are intoxicated with Facebook - Alcoholic Anonymous style.

Incidentally, group therapies like AA really work - I have quit smoking thanks to a similar group. Maybe the idea of a group therapy to stop wasting a life on internet can be very effective.

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