Monday, April 16, 2018

Jenkins sucks

Jenkins sucks. Ok it could suck more, but let me tell you what I find really frustrating from a begginner's perspective

a) documentation is pathetic. The Jenkins User Handbook until a few months ago was full of empty sections with only "work in progress".... now it's a bit better, but still....

b) plugins is a cosmic chaos... any basic installation would include at least some 100 common plugins, so why not include them in the Jenkins baseline and avoid all this chaos.... also, plugin documentation is most of the time really basic

c) no development IDE, no way to remote debug. Should I develop code in BlueOcean plugin in a browser??? are you serious??? When one is used to IntelliJ, having to code Jenkins Pipelines in Notepad++ is like going back to Stone Age. The Eclipse plugin is laughable, you can just remotely invoke the linter for validation.... no autocomplete, no inline javadoc, NOTHING

d) Groovy is good, but management of libraries is a bit shaky.... however this is not the weakest point, at least they don't make me code in XML like Maven or Ant do, or in a ridiculous DSL like Puppet does....

e) the UI was coded by children... you have to click for hours to find something... not even a search tool to point you quickly where a certain parameter is defined.... it's the typical click-o-drome of tools that are designed for non-programmers and end up being a nightmare of clicks and hidden corners.

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