Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Importing and exporting dictionaries in XL-Deploy

XebiaLab XL-Deploy is a great tool, but definitely lacking important features as far as versioning and exporting/importing configuration.

If you need to programmatically generate a Dictionary (rather than using the painfully limited UI), you can take a look at this code

In my case, I create a dictionary "pippo.dict" with a couple of keys (pippo, paperino...)

then from the cli:

print mypippo



cd /home/centos/xldeploy/xl-deploy-8.2.0-server/export
cat configuration-items.xml

there are several entries <entry key="pippo">pluto</entry>

you can add/delete/edit those entries, then create a new file (with a slightly different name, 56 instead of 36):

zip configuration-items.xml

and in the CLI:


and lo and behold, the updated properties are in the dictionary!

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