Monday, November 4, 2019

CKAD CNCF Kubernetes Certification

Today I have attempted CKAD certification test.

It was TOUGH, but not impossible, actually I was expecting worse in term of complexity. And pass threshold is 66%, which is mild.

Good thing is that each of the 19 questions is self-contained, so you can easily skip it and try later.

This fellow says already everything on the topic:

I would say:

"Kubernetes in Action" book is surely very complete (I have ready it 3 times) but not really preparing you for the test. Too verbose IMHO.

MUST 1: Take the Udemy course "", definitely excellent and very hands on.

MUST 2: and do at least 3 times all the exercises here

then go for the test. You might fail at the first attempt (time pressure is very high!) but it will make you stronger. You have a free retake, so no worries, lick your wounds and try again a couple of weeks later.

CAVEAT CANEM: many exercises entail usage of namespaces - remember to practice usage of namespaces.

IMPORTANT: if you google around for CKAD VOUCHER or CKAD DISCOUNT you should find some magic words to get a 20% rebate on the exam (normally 300 USD.... I got it for 250 or so).

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