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Nazism and Ukraine

Tyahnybok and Svoboda:

“In order to create a truly Ukrainian Ukraine in the cities of the East and South, lustration alone will not be enough, for this it is necessary to abolish parliamentarism altogether, ban all political parties, nationalize all industry, all the media, prohibit the import of any literature from the Russian Federation into Ukraine, prohibit the printing of something or in Russian, even the primer, completely replace the leadership of civil servants, education department, military personnel (especially in the East), physically eliminate all Russian-speaking intelligentsia and all Ukrainophobes (quickly, without trial or investigation, shoot. Any member of the "Freedom"), to execute all members of anti-Ukrainian parties and organizations, not only pro-Russian, but also pro-Romanian, pro-Hungarian, pro-Tatar.”

“You are Ukrainian nationalists, Ukrainian patriots! You must become the heroes defending the earth beneath our feet today! They slung rifles around their necks and went into the woods. They fought against Russians, against Germans, against Jewish pigs and other scum who wanted to take the Ukrainian state away from us! We must finally give Ukraine to the Ukrainians!”

The Simon Wiesenthal Center put Tyahnybok at the 5th place in 2012 in the „List of insults against Jews“.

In July 2013, 30 Israeli members of the Knesset signed an open letter addressed to the President of the European Parliament, Martin Schulz (SPD). In it, they warned against the party's anti-Semitism and Russophobia and criticized the fact that the two main opposition parties in Ukraine are collaborating with it.

Here Tyahnybok with Senator John McKain, one of the most war-loving people in USA administration.

and with Victoria Nuland, together with other right wing extremists

Stepan Bandera. Nazi collaborator.

Banderas headed the revolutionary and radically anti-Semitic OUN-B. Militias set up by OUN-B partially took over police power and were instrumental in pogroms against the Jewish civilian population.

The OUN-UPA men – who were also known as the "Bandera Men" – are accused of several crimes, including killing some 100,000 Poles, Czechs and Jews in the Western Volyn Region. Thousands of Ukrainians who refused to cooperate with them were also murdered. For those activities, Bandera is now considered to be a criminal and a terrorist in Poland.

The Simon-Wiesenthal-Center condemned the nomination of Bandera as "Hero of Ukraine" and asserts that Bandera is responsible for the death of thousands of Jews.

"People! You must know this, Muscovites, Poles, Hungarians and Jews - they are your enemies. Destroy them! You have to know that! Your leadership – this is the leadership of the Ukrainian nationalists, the OUN. Your guide – Stepan Bandera«,"

"The Jews are the most devoted pillar of the Bolshevik regime and the vanguard of Moscow imperialism in Ukraine. OUN fights against the Jews because they are the pillar of the Moscow Bolshevik regime - – Stepan Bandera«"

"Concerning the struggle and the activities of the OUN during the war«, that Jews, in contrast to Poles and Russians, are not capable of assimilation even in the post-war phase, i.e. they would have to be exterminated or forcibly resettled. – Stepan Bandera"

He was made Hero of Ukraine in 2007, to him many streets and monuments are dedicated.


39.9% of all pogroms on Ukrainian territory were committed by members of militias under the command of Petliura

Many streets in Ukraine are dedicated to him. Wiktor Juschtschenko honoured his tomb in Paris.

Mykola Lebed

protected by CIA, he later lived in USA

Leader of Ukrainian Nationalists, he ordered murders of Jews and Poles locally and coordinated the "cleansing" of western Ukraine

Baby Yar and the killling of Jews by Ukrainian Nationalists

One of the largest one-day massacres in the history, 35 thousand Jews were massacred by SS troops and by Ukrainian Nationalists of the OUN (Bandera)

Israelis know the history of the Holocaust very well. The Ukrainian Auxiliary Police rounded up Jews to be massacred in Babyn Yar, Lviv and Zhytomyr. About 80,000 Ukrainians volunteered for the SS, compared with 2,600 Ukrainians documented as having saved Jews. And before that, some of the worst pogroms in Jewish history were perpetrated in what is now Ukraine.

In Misotsch the Ukrainian Nationalists have murdered the Jews escaped from the massacre of the SS Einstatzgruppe C.

Bataillon Nachtingall and Schuchewytsch

Formed by Ukrainian Nationalists Volunteers, it supported actively the SS in massacring Jews. Their commander Roman Schuchewytsch was honored in 2007 with a stamp

Prawyj Sektor

Right wing extremist paramilitary group, alledgedly participating in the shooting of civilians in Maidan 2014 and Odessa burning of some 50 union leaders in 2014 (of course, they say the protected the civilians from governmental fire..... countless eye witnesses say the opposite)

Dmytro Jarosch

Military advisor of the Ukrainian Army, right wing extremist, member of Pravy Sektor, involved in the Maidan and Odessa "events".

Igor Modiychuk

Representative of nazi militians, deputy of Radical Party. In a documentary, he can be seen making the Hitlergrüss and saying "Heil Hitler".

Petro Poroschenko

When he took the power in 2014, he made a famous speech where he said that "all non pure-blood ukrainians would lose their job, their pensions, and their children will live in cellars".

Azov Batallion

Paramilitary unit seemingly author of crimes agains civilians before and after the Russian invasion. according to The Jerusalem POst, the Azov Batallion is a neo-nazi unit.

Odessa Massacre 2014 and the Donbass war 2015-2022

USA and Ukraine

Since 2014, the United States has committed more than $7.3 billion in assistance to Ukraine, including security and non-security assistance. In addition, the United States provided three sovereign loan guarantees totaling $3 billion.

Jaroslaw Stezko

Member of the Ukrainian Nationalists and right arm of Bandera.

"The OUN(b) began a wave of anti-Semitic pogroms in which thousands of Jews were murdered, and Stezko, in letters to Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, Francisco Franco and Ante Pavelić, assured that his new state would be part of Hitler's New Order in be Europe." "I therefore support the extermination of the Jews and consider it expedient to bring the German methods of exterminating Jewry to Ukraine," Moscow and the Jews are the greatest enemies of Ukraine "

In 2010, a commemorative plaque commissioned by then-President Viktor Yushchenko was attached to a private building at Zeppelinstraße 67

False Flags. Bucha and Kramatorsk

Most of the civilians murdered in Bucha were carrying a white ribbon, which is the symbol of those sympathizing for the Russians. Why would the Russians have killed them? This is one of the MANY details which make absolutely no sense about the Ukrainian narration.

This frame was shown by an Italian TV, it depicts the famous "Russian Rocket" who killed some 30 civilians in Kramatorsk. Except that this serial number 9M791 belongs to Tochka rockets being used by the Ukrainians and not by the Russians, and rockets with adjacent serial number were fired by Ukrainians on other targets.

Zelensky is a Jew, he can't be a Nazi

Jah, also Chaim Rumkowski was a Jew...

I am not aware of any measure taken Zelensky to contrast the Nazification. Surely he clamped down on independent media and political opposition, even before Russian invasion (TO DOCUMENT).

On the other hand, I hear that Zelensky is involved in the huge "land grabbing" operation going on in Ukraine, were most of the Ukrainian land is acquired by Monsanto, Cargill, Dupont and China (TO BE VERIFIED).

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