Thursday, April 11, 2013

Thread Dump Analyzer

I have installed a plugin for VisualVM to analyse Thread Dumps:
download the 3 plugins (all 3 are necessary)

it says:
Version: 2.2 Author: Ingo Rockel   Date: 8/9/10 Source: net-java-dev-tda-visualvm.nbm Homepage: 
Plugin Description
VisualVM Module of TDA - Thread Dump Analyzer

To install the plugin
open C:\Oracle\Middleware\jdk160_24\bin\jvisualvm.exe
tools /plugins/downloaded/add plugin/install

"they are not signed" warning.... continue

Be aware that thread dump files must have extension .tdump (like: bla.tdump)

go to file/open/bla.tdump

the trick is to look for "waiting threads", click on the STUCK thread

The tool makes it very easy to navigate from thread to thread based on the monitor id, so as to identify the root cause of a stuck thread.

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