Friday, October 9, 2015

Lync copy and paste nightmare

Very unfortunately I have to use Lync as a chat platform. Some stuff is pretty cool, but there are 2 TERRIBLE issues:

one is that you select some text (ANY text), copy and paste (in any way you want) and what you paste is A BIG MESS including stuff who is miles away from your selection. I ended up ALWAYS pasting first into notepad, then selectin again only the stuff I need.

the other is that it's TERRIBLY slow (tens of seconds) at delivering messages....sometimes you get the notification that you got a message (often showing the WRONG username as author), then you have to wait patiently many seconds to get the text.

On the whole, I would rather have a less feature-rich chat, but more reliable and fast. This is typical Microsoft product, overloaded with features but clumsy and slow and full of bugs.

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