Sunday, October 25, 2015

WebLogic Administrator Questions

How can you see if your OS is running a 64 or 32 bit OS

Can you explain me the basic Linux directory structure (/var/log/, /etc, /opt. /dev, /users)

How can you see how much disk space is left

Can you see what processes are running

Name some scheduling techniques

What is VM ware, have you ever worked with it, name some vendors

how do you check the hostname of a machine

Can you explain me something about Domain Names, how can you override domain names

Name some infrastructure monitoring software (Nagios/ Big Brother/ HP Open View)

Would you mind to explain me what a Proxy service is?

Would you mind to explain me what Business service is?

What are JMX Beans, what to they do …how can we use it

Name some Monitoring Best Practices for Middleware environments

Name some Monitoring Products for Middleware environments

How is your knowledge of Oracle Enterprise Manager and or Grid Control

What is the difference between tablespace/ schema

What is the difference between active and passive FTP

What is the difference between SFTP and FTPS

Name some Configuration Management Systems, (Puppet / CFEngine) have you ever worked with it

Do an analysis of a problem in a 4 tier system…from frontend to backend…where do you start/ escalate

What can you tell about SMNP, (trap destination/ trap translator)
How would you create and monitor a JMS queue with scripts? (hint: WLST, eventually Java)

Can you start and stop a WebLogic server from WLST, and how? (hint: nmConnect, nmStart, Node Manager)

Which options do you have to target a JMS queue? (hint: cluster, individual WLS server, individual JMS server, subdeployments)

Why would you use a Distributed Queue? (hint: high availability, load balancing)

How do you ensure that operations can continue without disruption even if a WLS instance goes down
(hint: cluster, whole server migration, service migration, load balancing with failover)

How to you check for Stuck Threads in WLS (hint: thread dump)

How do you update a Deployment (deployment plan)

Which are some common JCA Adapter and how do you set them up (hint: FTPAdapter, FileAdapter)

How to verify which Patches are applied to WLS, and how to apply a new Patch ?

How do you change the log properties? Which are the main logs you have for weblogic and osb?

Which metrics would you monitor in WLS for a JDBC Data Source?

What does a 'lock' mean when you startup weblogic? How to solve it?

In linux what command tells you the dependencies of a .so file

How can you see what processes are holding which ports (hint netstat -antpu)

Can you explain something about certificates (SSL technology , hint : public private key)

Can you explain me something about ORM (Object Relational Mapping)

Name some storage technologies (RAID - vs Striped), what are the advantages disadvantages

What can you tell about ORACLE RAC technology

How do you configure a UnitofOrder in Weblogic?A persistent store? A remotequeue?

Is it possible a Managed server continue providing services in spite of shutting down the admin server? How to?

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