Sunday, October 25, 2015

OSB developer questions

How do you check the linux distribution version

How can you see if your OS is running a 64 or 32 bit OS

Can you explain me the basic Linux directory structure (/var/log/, /etc, /opt. /dev, /users)

How can you see how much disk space is left

Can you see what processes are running

What is the difference between an abstract class and an interface

Can you name some JAVA open source frameworks

What is the difference between a script and a programming language (to fill time….idle talk)

Would you mind to explain me what a Proxy service is?

Would you mind to explain me what Business service is?

What do you use for mapping in OSB?

When do you use Xpath?

What is a XSD? What is a simple type? What is a complex type?

What is a Namespace?

How do you define a list of elements?

How do you call (invoke) a service?

How do you create a FILE adapter?

How do you test a HTTP service? (hint: OSB Console, SOAPUI…)

How do you monitor a BPEL execution? Which is the tool provided in SOA for doing it?

What is the structure of a WSDL
"Are you familiar with OSB and SOA suite, so In which case you would use OSB and in which one you would use SOA?

Tell me advantages and disadvantages."

Would you mind to tell me which are your prefered options for reporting and tracking information in OSB?

A Proxy or Business service points to endpoints (URIs) that will differ in each environment (DEV, TST, PROD…). How could you deploy your interface and change those endpoint URIs without modifying them manually? Which tool is provided by OSB?

Is is it possible to use java programs in OSB? How do you do it? (hint: java callout, custom xpath)

In case you want to implement an interface that processes in parallel, How do you do it in OSB?

How could you obtain a data from the database based on an id? Do you know how to do a lookup (hint: multiple options are available)?

Which are the main actions provided by OSB for invoking services?
"Imagine we are going to design the schemas for a renting agency
This schema is for defining the message that will be used when a customer rents a car
please provide me per each situation how you would implement it in XSD
- You can rent a car or a lorry, both contains similar fields (price, number of days to be rented, ...)
but they also have different elements specific to the type of vehicle. Please tell me the mode you would implement
it for reusing the common elements. (hint: extending or aggregating)"
"In the rent contract when you specify the vehicle you can choose lorry or car and it's mandatory to have one of the 2.
explain me how to represent that concept in XSD. (hint: choice, minoccur, maxoccur)"

In SOA/XSLT which function is used for getting a value from the database based on a value you pass?
"How can you map standard definitions like currency, country, ... that have a different representation in the Source system and in the target system?
for example EUR in system A and EU in system B represents Euro (hint: DVM lookup)"

How could you implement sequences in SOA? (hint: mediator sequencer)

Are you able to define custom XPATH functions?

How could you implement a synchronous BPEL process? and Asynchronous?

If an error occurs in a Message Flow, which options do you have to handle it?
"If you need to implement file poller Interface that transforms the message and then sends the message to a FTP.
How could you do it? and In case you want to raise an error if it takes longer than 90 seconds ? How could you do it? (hint: timeout, alert)"
"If you need the messages to be sent in order so the behaviour will be First Input and First Output,

How did you implement it? (hint: single consumer)"

How can you see what processes are holding which ports (hint netstat -antpu)

Can you explain something about certificates (SSL technology , hint : public private key)

Can you explain me something about ORM (Object Relational Mapping)

Would you mind to give me a sample of an scenario when you need to use Publish, CallBack and Route actions?
Explain the reason of choosing that action.

Can you explain me how to configure a transactional proxy service? Which are the main OSB actions involved?

Which properties are used? Which Qos will you use?"

Which kind of objects could be handled by OSB from a Java Callout? (hint: primitive types, arrays)

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