Saturday, November 18, 2017

eclipse Deploy projects as compressed archives

After the N-th time I got the error

Error renaming BLA
This may be caused by your server's temporary deploy directory being on a different filesystem than the final destination

see this SO post

while deploying from Eclipse to a Wildfly 11, I have searched everywhere and the only option that seems to work is to "Deploy projects as compressed archives"

Double click on the server (in the Servers tab)

at this point, the deployment is just a .war, the exploded directory format is not enabled.

All this is simply pathetic.... Eclipse is a huge failure... it should simply be rewritten from scratch.

PS someone says that deleting the workspace's .metadata folder can fix it... I haven't tried it yet.

Incidentally, deploying as compressed WAR seems to break Keycloak integration... maybe just an impression... Keycloak seems to break silently sometimes...

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