Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Adam Bien The Great airhacks links

Listening to Adam Bien SEMINAL videos, I will write down some links:


http://openjpa.apache.org/jest-usage.html maps JPA to REST calls

https://wiki.eclipse.org/EclipseLink/Examples/JPARS/Simple JPA RS from EclipseLink, same as JEST

https://github.com/p6spy/p6spy database interceptors

Ping https://github.com/AdamBien/ping

Floyd https://github.com/AdamBien/floyd

Watchdock https://github.com/AdamBien/watchdock/ and http://www.adam-bien.com/roller/abien/entry/watchdock_er_v0_0_1

I try to do so :

sudo systemctl start dockerd -H tcp:// -api-enable-cors
ssh: Could not resolve hostname tcp:// Name or service not known
Could not watch jobs: Connection reset by peer


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